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Currently in second year at EBS, I am originally from Paris and moved to San Francisco for a digital expedition. I love traveling to discover new countries and new cultures. I also like sports. I really care about people, I love helping and listening to them.

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I came here to San Francisco because I think it's a great opportunity to improve my English and to discover new cultures and the digital world. Since I have been here, I have visited many SF districts, and all are totally different but each very interesting.

I want to talk about Haight-Ashbury district bacause its the first one that we visitedand I found its history very interesting. This is where the hippie community began, based upon counterculture ideals, drugs, and music. The opening of the Psychedelic Shop on January 3, 1966 offered hippies a spot to purchase marijuana and LSD, which was essential to hippie life in Haight-Ashbury and was perceived as a community unifier.
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The wine industry: This week, I went to a lecture by Lisa Brown about the wine industry because I'm interested in this space but I know little about this subject. I found this lecture very interesting and I've learned a lot about manufacturing and marketing in the world of wine.
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Ebox - Lean startup project

We thinking about an idea of new startup. We want to create a "professional box" that you can personnalize online. You have to choose between different meeting like networking event or digital seminaire. Then you receive a box with your place for the events and others things. We think that this idea can help people who have dificulties to find an internship or need help to create a personal network

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